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The Company Schmid

Schmid Precision Tools...

...a tradition continued.


The trained tool maker and inventor Ernst Schmid founded his tool making company on October 1, 1935.
In close cooperation with the Esslingen school for machine construction, he first started with production and fretting of milling and hardness testing diamonds. For this purpose, a machine was especially developed and constructed; however, it would only work effectively and economically after he had an inspiration one night.

At the same time and together with the school of machine construction Esslingen, the first SCHMID fine boring bar with a precision of 1/1000 mm was developed. But that was not all. Simultaneously and over many nights, Ernst Schmid designed a pocket screwdriver that was to become part of the initial equipment in airplanes and cars during the war and that was a commercial success.

At the beginning of the 1950s, Ernst Schmid’s tool manufacturing company already offered a wide range of products. It included eye glass lens grinding machines, can closing machines, taper measuring gauges, centering chucks and drilling machines as well as planing and turning tools, micro and boring heads, system tools, punching tools and hard metal centering points still produced today.

A portrait of the company founder Ernst Schmid showing him the way he was:
One with his company and his tools

With his first participation as exhibitor at the Hanover Industrial Fair in 1952, Ernst Schmid was able to increase his outstanding success by exporting more of his tools. As the company continued to grow, a larger and more modern building became necessary. In 1957, the company moved into the new factory and administrative buildings in the Lerchenäcker part of Esslingen.

Developed by Ernst Schmid and his wife Anne with great commitment and at times even personal sacrifice, the company is now continued in third generation as Ernst Schmid Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH. In spite of – or due to – the increasing competition from the Far East, the Schmid company emphasizes highest material quality, precision and customer focus. 

Pocket screwdriver:
Until 1945 part of the initial equipment in airplanes and cars.