MICRO Boring Heads


  with fine-adjustment
Adjustment accuracy Ø 0,01 mm



  • Easy manipulation.
  • Precise setting of the boring diameter by a big easy-to-read scale.
  • Tool adjustment without key, only by turning the knurled micrometer drum.
  • Large slide adjustment.
  • Large boring capicity.
  • Smallest bores can be machined by using the central tool reception and bigger bores by using the oblique tool reception.
  • At high speed, the light-weight slide guarantees a minimum of out-of-balance.
  • A minimum of vibration due to the short construction of the head.
  • No displacement during machining, as the built-in locking mechanism acts on the slide and micrometer drum.
  • Adjustment accuracy Ø 0,01 mm
    (Mikro size 4: 0,02 mm).


Available accessories

  • Universal turning tools from HSS or with carbide tipped.
  • Boring tools for oblique tool holding from HSS or with
  • carbide tipped.
  • Indexable insert holders.