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  Schmid precision revolving standard and special centring points are characterised by:

1. Revolving body
Made of fully hardened tool steel for a high degree of resistance to wear and form accuracy.

2. Bearings arrangement
The largest possible bearing arrangement for the
absorbing of radial and axial forces.

3. Bearings seats
All of the bearing seats are coordinated to each other and ground-in – enabling them to provide the best possible concentric accuracy. This is mirrored in the long serviceable lives of our points.

4. Housing
The housing is of case-hardened steel in order to provide the shaft with the required wear resistance when frequently changing the machines. The Morse tapers in accordance with DIN 228 are ground in accordance with AT4.

5. Sealing and maitenance
A sealing ring secures the bearing arrangement and their permanent lubrication against soiling being caused by a cooland and shavings.

6. High degree of concentric accuracy
All of our points are delivered with a minimum concentric accuracy of 0.004 mm.

Our specialists are able to repair and regrind all of the points, depending on the position. We can also provide you with an estimate and check the economic viability of the repair.




DIN 807