UBS Universal Facing and Boring Head


  with automatic feed and
pre-set automatic end release




  • The tool slide has an automatic cross feed and is released automatically by an adjustable stop.
  • The tool slide ist thus adjusted without any intermediate elements such as gears or worm wheels. This means that the tool is less suspectible to malfunctions and operates precisely.
  • The feed spindle is protected to the greatest extent against soiling and chips.
  • The lateral engraved scale serves to locate various turning diameters faster.
  • Extrem precise and very sturdy thanks to the compact design.
  • Interchangeable shanks.
  • Parts subject to wear and tear are hardened and ground.


On jig borers, boring machines, mills and other machines, universal head for extremely precise work-piece machining in facing, boring, turning, recessing, thread cutting and profile turning applications.


Principle of operation

Automatic transverse motion of the slide is necessary for facing and recessing operations. This is done simply by depressing the engaging knob and holding the knurled feed ring by means of the stop bar. Transverse motion of the slide is always from inside to outside. Feed is deactivated with the release lever, the engaging knob unlatches and facing ist terminated. Rapid return to starting position is effected by operating the adjustment spindle. The tool is equipped for right-hand rotation. For boring or outside turning operations, the tool slide is set to the required dimension and locked by a locking screw. This clamping by way of the adjustable taper gib ensures great rigidity for neat and chatter-free operation. This locking screw must be released for facing work.





Lieferbares Zubehör für UBS F:

  • Wooden case
  • Universal boring bars,
  • Boring bars with horizontal or slanted tool bore including HSS or carbide ground tool sections, or with indexing tool holders..
  • Special acessories on request.
  • Shanks: all shanks are available.


Please specify when ordering:

1.  Size and type of tool
2.  Exact shank version
3.  Required accessories